Acoustic or electric, the guitar is often a primary instrument in modern music. Whether you’re new to the guitar or a seasoned musician, the instructors at Toronto Faculty of Music will create personalized lessons to develop your skill and artistic ability with the guitar.

All of the guitar lessons in our Etobicoke music school are taught by university graduates holding performance degrees. Our main job is to teach, which is why we’re passionate about developing your skills in a fun and informative format.


The guitar is a stringed instrument that is projected either acoustically or through electrical amplification. We’ll walk you through various points of the guitar, including passive vs. active pickups, to help you understand the differences in sound and feel from various guitars.


For guitar beginners, we place a majority of our focus on:

  • Finger placement and how to arch your fingers to play chords
  • Stringing, tuning and maintenance
  • Basic strumming and changing chords without pausing
  • Reading music

For our intermediate and advanced guitar players, we offer more intense study into musical theory and history. If your goal is to play certain songs, we’ll help you achieve it by mentoring you through the notes. Our instructors will create a program that suits your needs to ensure you have the skills to master the art.

Visit our Etobicoke facility today to see how we can help elevate you or your child’s guitar skills.

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