Whether you’re part of an ensemble or a soloist, a beginner or advanced player, Toronto Faculty of Music has the flute lessons in Toronto you need. From children to adults and anyone in between, we have taught and instructed hundreds of flute players of varying skill levels and ages.


As one of the earliest known instruments in human history, the flute is present in many different genres throughout the globe. Made from many different materials throughout the world, the most common in North America is the Western concert flute.


For beginners, we will primarily focus on mastering the fundamental aspects of playing the flute. From how to properly hold the flute to your finger placement; we will help you nail down the fundamentals so that you can advance into intermediate and advanced skill levels. For those already at those skill levels, we will focus on more complex songs, improvisation and playing for different genres.

As highly trained music instructors, we help all of our students prepare and succeed in the RCM exams. Whether for yourself or your child, the professionals at Toronto Faculty of Music will be happy to work with you in learning the art of playing the flute. Please visit us in Etobicoke for more information.

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