Perhaps one of the most common instruments in the classical music genre is the violin. Toronto Faculty of Music has the professional musicians to teach you how to not only play the violin, but to master it as well. Through our private violin lessons in Toronto, we have helped developed hundreds of individuals elevate their skills and succeed in their RCM exams.


The violin is a stringed instrument that is both the smallest and highest-pitched in its family. The violin’s origins can be traced back to 16th century Italy, before it became known as the starting point of stringed instruments within western classical music. It is often associated with classical music, jazz, folk music and more.


During our private violin lessons in Toronto, we will focus primarily on the fundamentals of playing the violin for beginners. Learning and perfecting the fundamentals are essential to advancing to both the intermediate and advanced skill levels. In those stages, the primary focus will shift to playing tests, competitions, recitals and other performances.

While we believe in those focus areas, we tailor each of our violin lessons to suit the particular student and focus on your personal goals.

Whether you’d like to enroll your child for lessons or are intending to learn the violin yourself, we will be happy to work with you. Please visit us in Etobicoke to speak more about private lessons.

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