At Toronto Faculty of Music, we strive to make preschool music educational and fun. Our early childhood music specialists in Toronto conduct age-appropriate activities with the goal of introducing young children to basic musical concepts, as well as listening and socializing in a stimulating and structured way.

Through the use of percussion instruments, movement, listening, and singing, our early childhood students learn important concepts such as pitch, dynamics, and timbre. Motor control and inner hearing are also developed, enabling a natural transition to instrumental lessons.


The benefits of musical education to your child are almost endless! Your children will sing, move, and use a variety of engaging instruments and props in an exciting and progressive setting that will help them release the musician within. By doing such, we help develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning, as well as spatial intelligence. Speak with our teachers today to learn more about how music can help your child’s development.

Classes for Preschool Music
For 2-3 years old: Saturday 10:00 AM for 36 classes of 50 minutes
For 4-5 years old: Saturday 11:00 AM for 36 classes of 50 minutes (includes keyboard instruction)

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