Let’s look at five compelling reasons you should consider enrolling your youngsters at a music school in Toronto:

  1. Build self-confidence. The sense of accomplishment a youngster gains from learning an instrument often carries over into other areas of life. When a young person is recognized for their musical skills, it boosts self-esteem.
  2. Improve cognitive skills. Research has shown that music education is far better at improving children’s abstract reasoning skills than learning computer skills. After all, music is math and physics in action. In practicing rhythm, scales and beats, a child unravels the mathematical roots of music. Youngsters plucking a guitar string or hitting a drum skin feel the principles of harmonics and vibration in their very fingertips.
  3. Cultivate discipline. Youngsters learn that discipline, steadfastness and patience are qualities to embrace if they want to achieve something meaningful in life. Practicing at home requires a capacity to focus on one task for extended periods and to persevere day after day. When practicing in a group environment, patience and excellent listening skills are honed as pupils wait their turn and experience what other learners are doing.
  4. Develop social skills. Whether in the class setting during which interaction and communication are paramount, or during practice when children learn to function as part of an ensemble, the result is the same—youngsters who participate in music education learn the skills to function as part of a team with a common goal. Experimenting with varied instruments, being exposed to various styles of music and interacting with children of different ethnicities also promotes openness to other cultures and a facility to interact with others.
  5. Improve creativity. Learning an instrument at a music school in Toronto and being in touch with the creativity of historic geniuses who compose great music fosters a mindset that is comfortable reaching out into the unknown for solutions—think outside the box, so to speak. This is a quality that is respected in a host of fields beyond music.

At the Toronto Faculty of Music's Preschool Program we want to give youngsters every opportunity to develop a positive relationship with music. It’s an investment for life!

Contact us today at the Toronto Faculty of Music with all your questions. Our music school in Toronto offers preschoolers an experience they’ll never forget and they’ll be having great fun to boot! The fringe benefits listed above are just icing on the cake.

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