Why you should send your children to music theatre camp or enroll them in music lessons this summer


Structured fun. Music theatre camp is a great way to ensure your kids are receiving the mental stimulation and structure that is often lacking during summer vacation. It can be difficult to keep your children occupied and away from computer screens when the boredom of endless summer days starts to set in. A two-week stay at the Toronto Faculty of Music’s day camp is exactly what your children need to keep them occupied and inspired while receiving just enough freedom to relax and have fun.

Unleash your children's creativity. During the school year, music often takes a backseat to other subjects such as math and science. The summer is the perfect moment to nurture your children's creative side. Creativity is an important skill that will benefit your children for the rest of their life. It's an important trait to achieve success later in life, and it's among one of the top skills employers look for when scouting for new recruits. 

Develop life-long skills. Servicing local neighbourhoods such as Bloor West, Islington Village, Highpark, Six Points and Kingsway, the Toronto Faculty of Music is home to one of the best music theatre day camps in the Greater Toronto Area. A daily schedule of warm-ups, vocal music lessons, art classes, script reading, dancing and drama lessons, as well as outdoor activities, may just be what your children need to gain confidence, broaden their social circle and develop good learning habits.

Boost self-esteem and gain a competitive advantage. Sending your kids to music theatre day camp will give them a competitive advantage in life and help them succeed at whatever objective they set their mind to. Various kids, however, react differently to different settings, so if a two-week day camp isn't right for your children, they might benefit more from traditional music lessons. Encouraging your children to take singing, drum, violin, flute or guitar lessons at a music school in Toronto or Etobicoke will help them gain a sense of empowerment and self-understanding that will serve them well for the rest of their life.

The gift of independence. Music school in Toronto teaches everything from creativity to confidence and problem solving. By nurturing your kids’ love of music, you are helping them break down social barriers, look beyond social differences and gain the independence they will one day need to navigate life with ease.

Contact us and join our family! Music Theatre Camp is held from July 3, 2017 to July 14, 2017 and July 17, 2017 to July 28, 2017, while summer school is held from July 4, 2017 to August 25, 2017.

Don't let your children miss out on this opportunity—call us today to reserve their spot!

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